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Engineering Capacity

Soucy has started a major optimisation program to increase the track capacity over the next 5 years and to remain the world Leader of CRT technology and manufacturing. By collaborating closely with our customers’ and using the latest designs of CRT, Soucy are adapting the configuration (geometry) to comply with vehicles ranging from 4mT to 42mT. Soucy’s ability to adapt to a continuing changing market reflects the creativity and ingenuity of our Engineers.

Soucy have access to a variety of tools and facilities for the development of our products:

3D Scanners

A tool allowing three-dimensional reconstruction of a vehicle to facilitate the analysis and development of products that are perfectly adapted.

3D design software

Solid Edge and Unigraphics

Modelling and FEA

Calculation using the Abaqus software.

The Validation and Testing process is conducted in three phases:

Virtual Simulations

Using the Abaqus software technology, Soucy can test and validate designs prior to producing the first prototypes, this allows Soucy to develop extremely complex simulations resulting in time and cost savings.

Test Benches

These tests are developed to meet specific needs of our customers, they allow Soucy Engineers to test complete track systems without interruption.

Physical Testing

Soucy own a large testing facility for physical tests that re-create the various conditions and environments that our products may face. For internal physical testing and validations, Soucy also maintain a small reference fleet of military vehicles. Soucy’s All Weather Driving Circuit (AWDC) has several different types of terrains and obstacles that can be utilised for testing and validation. This allows Soucy to be confident that the final product will meet customers’ requirements.