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To convert a BV206 from an external to internally driven track system requires a simple track and sprocket change. The conversion will not induce any detrimental effects on a vehicle performance but will enhance it in many areas such as durability of components, less noise and vibration and reduced maintenance. Migration to Soucy roadwheels can be conducted through running changes, as they are interchangeable with current aluminium wheels and have been validated for multi-version usage. Soucy can provide a Hydraulic tensioner which would replace the tensioning screw. This allows for easier track tension whilst saving time in track replacement.

Component Modifications

  • Tension Screw (Modified length)
  • Hydraulic Tensioner (Optional)
    (Bolt on Conversion Kit)
  • Soucy Sprocket Assembly
  • Soucy Internally Driven Tracks

All parts included in Soucy Track Kits
0$ Conversion Costs

Installation & Parts Manuals

  • Complete Installation Manual Available
  • Complete parts Manual Available

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