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Up to 70% Vibration Reduction

With steel tracks, the crew can actually feel a peak of vibration at lower speed on many vehicles, especially on the M113 / MTV on which it was measured. Soldiers can travel further and faster without losing mission effectiveness, resulting in greater productivity and survivability in combat conditions. In a vehicle with steel tracks, the troops feel fatigue and within 2 hours their limbs become numb from holding the handles. RBT allow them to stay in the vehicle for 10 continuous hours thanks to lower vibration.

  • Reduced risk of detection by the enemy
  • Increased prospects of mission success
  • Increased personnel safety and driving comfort
  • Further and faster travel
  • Diminished fatigue among personnel
  • Enhanced safety and efficiency
  • Reduced vibration up to 70%
  • Better system reliability: increased lifespan of electronic devices
  • Better communication with troops

Rubber band track (RBT) systems from Soucy Defense reduce vibration by up to 70%, thereby lowering the risk of detection by the enemy and increasing the prospects of mission success and personnel safety. The lower vibration can be explained by the harmony between the natural frequencies of the track, suspension, chassis, sub-frame, etc. Rubber to rubber contact absorbs energy, with the flexible rubber band wrapping smoothly around the sprocket and idler.

ico_vibrationreductionUp to70%Less Vibration
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Survivability and Crew Comfort

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