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Simpler Installation and Maintenance

  • Maintenance-free: only track tension to check
  • No pads or other parts to replace
  • Lower lifetime maintenance
  • Less time to change the whole track

Soucy Defense's rubber band tracks (RBT) require less manpower for installation and virtually no time for maintenance. Initial installation to convert medium weight vehicles to RBT can be done by 2-3 people within 4 hours. To replace traditional steel tracks, the same team would need a full 8 hours. RBT are maintenance-free: the crew only has to verify track tension before use. This periodic inspection can be performed within a few minutes only. There is no need to torque the end connecters. RBT have no pads or other replacement parts. Their overall lifetime maintenance totals 180 h compared to 2,700 h for steel tracks, representing nearly 15 times less maintenance.

ico_simplerinstall15Times Less Maintenance
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