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Readiness of Soldiers

  • Enhanced combat power
  • Better comfort for passengers and drivers
  • No secondary effects on physical condition thanks to less vibration
  • Further and faster travel capability
  • Better communication
  • Enhanced productivity and survivability
  • Improved mission effectiveness

Soucy's rubber band tracks (RBT) improve soldier readiness and mission effectiveness as well as combat power at tactical level, while delivering enhanced comfort for drivers and passengers. Less vibration means that troops can travel for longer periods in a vehicle equipped with RBT. In a vehicle with steel track, troops feel fatigue and their limbs go numb within 2 hours of operations. RBT are a “game changer” in comfort and allow crews to sustain up to 10 hours of continuous operations. The tracks unquestionably optimize the health and safety of both crew and passengers. Unheard of verbal conversations can now take place inside rubber-track-equipped vehicles running at full speed, without the use of onboard amplifying communication equipment.

ico_readinessBetter missioneffectiveness
Other benefits

Mobility and Performance

Survivability and Crew Comfort

Durability and Maintainability