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Internal and External Noise Reduction

  • Increased communication efficiency
  • Increased stealth of movement
  • Significantly improved combat readiness
  • Improved mission effectiveness
  • Lower internal and external noise
  • Reduced risk of detection by opposing forces
  • Improved health and operation of crew members

Noise reduction on the battlefield can be a life saver. Compared to traditional steel tracks, Soucy Defense's rubber band track systems increase communication efficiency and stealth of movement. Troops will notice significantly improved combat readiness as well as mission effectiveness. Internal noise is lowered by 5 to 10 dB(A), which improves the health and operation of both crew members and communication equipment. External noise is reduced by 7 to 10 dB(A), reducing detection by the enemy. The distance from which the vehicle can be heard is reduced by 40%.

ico_noisereductionUp to10 dBNoise Reduction
Other benefits

Mobility and Performance

Survivability and Crew Comfort

Durability and Maintainability