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Mine Blast and Fire Protection

  • Increased survivability
  • Limp-home capability as long as vehicle is serviceable after mine blast
  • Resistant to fire (petroleum flammables, Molotov cocktail-type threats)
  • Resistant to sand, rocks and any other projectile resulting from a blast
  • No secondary effects

Rubber band tracks (RBT) from Soucy Defense are designed to offer better mine blast and fire protection on the battlefield. In the event of a considerable blast that severs the track, limp-home capability is easily achieved using a rubber track battle damage repair kit. A blast that leaves the vehicle serviceable will leave the track fine for limp-home. A stronger blast that splits the track will require repair on the battlefield but will also allow limp-home. If the track ignites, driving for 20 seconds will extinguish the flames. The RBT system's robust imbedded Kevlar continuous cable design and next-to-no-steel components make the track act as an excellent suppressor during mine strikes. RBT enable a drastic reduction in track separations, in addition to suppressing high-velocity primary mine shrapnel threats and secondary steel projectile threats if originally fitted with steel tracks.

Other benefits

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Survivability and Crew Comfort

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