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Better Communication

  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Reduction in rolling resistance of track
  • Better internal and external communication
  • Improved comfort for crew members

On a mission, noise and vibration reduction is decisive for better communication between soldiers. Soucy's rubber band tracks (RBT) are half the weight of steel tracks and produce 70% less vibration. Also, reduction in rolling resistance of rubber band tracks create less noise than stell tracks. With RBT, it becomes much easier for crew members to share information, especially at tactical level, where accurate communication is critical. Overall interior and exterior transmission of mission data is much easier. RBT also greatly improve comfort for soldiers, who have to deal with fewer heavy noises and less constant vibration.

ico_bettercommunicationNoise &Vibration Reduction
Other benefits

Mobility and Performance

Survivability and Crew Comfort

Durability and Maintainability