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All-Terrain Versatility

  • Easier movement on paved roads
  • Reduced gross vehicle weight
  • Better agility in snow and mud
  • Better slip ratio
  • Possibility to add chains to the tracks
  • Saltwater resistant
  • No maintenance
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Resistant up to -73 to 80° Celsius

Rubber band tracks (RBT) for defense vehicles ensure better mobility and versatility on all types of terrains and obstacles, whether natural or man-made. Soldiers experience easier movement on paved roads without damaging the pavement. Thanks to reduced gross vehicle weight, RBT deliver unequalled flotation and agility in snow, as well as superior slip ratio and nominal ground pressure. RBT also provide great traction in muddy conditions: the lightweight tracks can be made wider than steel tracks, preventing vehicles from getting stuck in the mud. The crew can add chains to the tracks for better driving in loamy soil or snowy conditions. RBT are saltwater resistant and require no maintenance thanks to their self-cleaning design. Baseline mobility testing goes beyond basic tests to include vertical steps, slopes, square trenches, V trenches, vertical walls, water fording, and much more.

ico_versatilityUp to80°Celsius Resistant
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Mobility and Performance

Survivability and Crew Comfort

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