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Reduced Braking Distance

  • Reduced braking distance on all types of terrain and in all temperatures
  • Longer life-cycle of the braking system
  • Better maneuverability and mobility
  • Faster and more efficient response when driving

Rubber band tracks from Soucy Defense yield a significant reduction in braking distance, making for better overall maneuverability and mobility. Soldiers experience better global performances from operational to tactical level. The driver can actually feel a precise response when braking, thereby increasing readiness and chances of mission success. The braking system's mechanical components also have a greater lifespan. Rubber track has proven its effectiveness time and time again in many of our customers' domestic and expeditionary operations, delivering greater freedom of movement across the battlefield.

ico_reducebrakingBetter Maneuverabilityand Mobility
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Mobility and Performance

Survivability and Crew Comfort

Durability and Maintainability