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Durability of Wheels and Components

Thanks to Ultra High Molecular Woven-Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) plastic wheels and drive sprockets, the track kits have a greatly increased lifespan. UHMW-PE plastic is corrosion resistant and virtually indestructible. The track kits are more resistant to abrasion, wear and impact than carbon steel and maintain functionality in a wide range of temperatures, from -73 to 80° Celsius.

  • Better reliability
  • Lower investment of time and resources
  • Greater longevity than steel tracks
  • Longer life-cycle
  • No maintenance
  • Resistant up to -73 to 80° Celsius
  • Abrasion, wear and impact resistant

Rubber track systems outlast steel. Over the average life-cycle of a rubber track, the crew will have to change all the rubber pads on the equivalent steel track 3 or 4 times, or even more. Steel track also requires personnel to tighten the pin fasteners and the torque connecters on a daily basis, adding substantial manpower requirements to track maintenance. The rubber track inner components drastically reduce friction against suspension runner gears such as road wheels, sprockets and idler wheels, thereby substantially reducing the frequency of related replacements.

Other benefits

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Durability and Maintainability