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Extended Equipment Life

  • Extended service life and reliability of ammunition and electronics
  • 1 life cycle of RBT = 3 to 4 replacements of steel tracks
  • More km driven per year
  • Up to 30% less fuel consumption

Soucy Defense's rubber band tracks (RBT) offer superior life-cycle savings. Soldiers will notice an increase in operational availability thanks to substantially reduced manpower requirements for track maintenance, as well as the extended service life of ammunition (limited compaction) and electronic equipment as a result of 70% less vibration. While parts of steel tracks must be repaired or replaced after 400 km, RBT usually last more than 5,000 km depending on the mission profile. The reduced wear rates of rubber track on other vehicle driveline and suspension components also drastically reduce the need to carry extra road wheels and track segments, further optimizing overall weight budgets and increasing critical space on or inside the vehicle.

ico_durabilityLasts more than5 000km
Other benefits

Mobility and Performance

Survivability and Crew Comfort

Durability and Maintainability