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Vehicles from 35 to 45 tonnes


Troops travelling in vehicles weighing between 35 and 45 metric tonnes will go faster and further with Soucy's Rubber Band Tracks (RBT). Because Rubber Band Tracks offer excellent all-terrain versatility, soldiers benefit from higher speeds in all types of environments. Vibration is reduced by up to 70%, allowing personnel to drive without having their limbs go numb. As a result, they can drive 5 times longer.

We'll Adapt Our Tracks to Every Vehicle

All Rubber Band Tracks are retrofit; Soucy will design and build tracks adapted to any type of defense vehicle, whether a tank, an APC, an IFV, a recon or another vehicle requiring tracks. Rubber Band Tracks are made with grade 5 rubber and reinforced with Kevlar fibre, a lightweight and non-flammable compound that protects against RPGs and high temperatures in harsh environments. Their carbon nanotubes confer twice the durability of steel tracks.

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Advantages of Rubber Band Tracks

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