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Logistic Support Analysis

The mobility of an armoured vehicle is mission-critical. Soucy takes extra pride in having developed a rubber track integration plan for its customers, with supportability in mind. Customer maintenance concepts are analysed to easily integrate a Logistic Support package with a view to implementing and supporting the rubber track system.


Spare Parts Management

Cost-effective management of spare parts over the life-cycle of a fleet makes Soucy's track a welcomed subsystem. Initial Provisioning and Life-Cycle Costing Services are important components to smart fleet management and fiscally sound decisions.

Special Tools

Soucy provides a variety of simple tools to support the track system in the field. The tools integrate into existing vehicle systems for seamless conversion to rubber track.

Special toolsSpecial toolsSpecial toolsSpecial toolsEasy field tool kit

Technical Documentation

With its recent investment in HTML-based ARBORTEXT® software, Soucy takes pride in the ability to synchronize its engineering department with its publication staff in order to produce user manuals within S1000D change management standards to easily meet customer demands.

Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation

The Delmar group, our key transporter, operates in 40 cities and 12 countries. A supplier of sophisticated proprietary technology as well as diversified freight and supply chain solutions, Delmar partners with air, ocean and ground carriers to provide integrated and multimodal transportation solutions. Soucy can count on this valuable partner for urgent or specialized shipments, thanks to customizable logistics options. Our packaging reduce the storage needs and manual handling is possible for small track kits.

Logo-DelmarReduce track storage

Repair, Overhaul and Recycling

From the Cradle to the next Life, all track components can be rebuilt. At the very end of their useful life, track components are fully recyclable. Partners across the globe ensure cost-effective and environmentally conscious management of our full suite of products:

FaidaVeoliaNorsk GjenvinningRagn Sells

On-Site Services

No matter the location, our on-site services allow field units to be better served. Staying connected with our customers is key to our success. We have deployable and employable teams anywhere you may be, in order to provide you with the technical services and expertise required to meet your robust demands.

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