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Rubber tracks are made from only top grade (grade 5) pure rubber, with reinforced Kevlar fibre and continuous robust steel cabling. A lightweight and non-flammable compound is also included to protect against high temperatures in extreme environments, and carbon nanotube technologies are used to provide twice the durability of steel tracks.

The track kit is delivered with all the components needed for quick and easy installation or conversion from an old type track system, i.e., new track, set of drive sprockets, idler wheels, and track tensioner. All spacers and specific mounting hardware are also included. Vehicle suspension, road wheels, and support rollers (if originally equipped) remain from the original vehicle systems.
ImageFully integrated solution

Guide Lugs

  • Optimized for road wheel engagement and de-tracking resistance
  • Designed with high abrasion resistance rubber

Drive Lugs

  • Internal Drive Lugs are designed for maximum drive sprocket engagement, to produce optimal torque transfer
  • The lugs are designed to minimize drive sprocket to track skipping (ratcheting) during maximum tractive effort, heavy turning or hard braking
cast iron

Cast Iron Components

The Soucy Belgen foundry manufactures gray cast iron, ductile iron, ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron), and some specialized cast iron components. The company's expertise lies in molding, casting, melting, core making and modeling. Projects involving parts design and casting are supported by the Soucy Group, which offers machining, painting, assembly and other services, making it a perfect one-stop shop. Soucy Belgen is the solution provider for your projects requiring cast iron parts on military vehicles.


UHMW-PE Components

Soucy Plastiques' UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Mass Polyethylene) offers outstanding endurance and performance, making it an ideal material for manufacturing parts that will be subjected to high stress, such as in armoured vehicles. The company can tailor specific parts using UHMW-PE to meet the rigorous challenges of the defense sector, and can even create new parts according to your specific requirements, whether for an APC, an IFV, a tank or a recon vehicle.


Rubber Components

Soucy Techno develops, mixes, preforms and calenders rubber. Its rubber compounds and black polyethylene-based masterbatch are used in the manufacture of tracks. Soucy Baron specializes in injection molding and overmolding in order to produce rubber, silicone and plastic parts of various complexities. Soucy International provides the defense sector with a unique manufacturing process, so that customized rubber parts will defy the most difficult environments on or surrounding the battlefield and other track application such as agricultural, construction and powersports.


Metal Components

Soucy Rivalair is the solution provider for customized metal components, offering numerous services: 5-axis milling-turning, tube bending and forming, stamping, assembly, liquid paint, TIG and MIG welding, shot blasting, and much more. Soucy's engineers and technicians are familiar with applying the strictest standards, rigorous quality controls, and acquisition processes specific to the defense sector. Metal parts from Soucy Rivalair exceed the quality standards expected of components manufactured for military vehicles.

Track systems

Track Systems

Soucy International has shown great ingenuity in creating parts and accessories for track systems adapted to vehicles for military, agricultural and powersports applications. Unaffected by corrosion and dirt, and featuring reduced noise, vibration and weight, these systems are the economically viable solution for the defense sector. Not only can Soucy International design, develop and manufacture parts and accessories, but its subsidiary can also perform related assembly, painting and machining.

Interieur train

Soucy Koutou

Soucy Koutou specializes in sewn and upholstered products in molded flexible polyurethane and integral skin. Its variably shaped parts are sustainable, insulating, stable, comfortable and resistant, in addition to absorbing shock and sound. Each part's firmness, density and colour are adjusted according to its required characteristics and use. Soucy Kouto products are resistant to tears and abrasions, temperature variations, UV rays and water. Their insulation and thermal capacity are ideal for the harsh conditions.

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