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About Soucy Defense

The defense and security sector demands rigour and standardization as well as ironclad reliability on all terrains and environments across the spectrum of conflict. Substantial experience in this area makes Soucy Defense the ideal supplier for your track system needs.

As the only manufacturer of rubber track for defense and security purposes, Soucy has created rubber track systems that meet the highest requirements approved by forces around the world and proven in battle conditions during domestic and expeditionary operations.

Our Mission

  • To be the world leader in rubber track systems.
  • To be the partner of choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) when it comes to designing and manufacturing plastic, polyurethane, rubber and metal components.

Our Core Values

Respect / Customer Focus / Teamwork / Innovation / Commitment to Excellence

About the Soucy Group

The Soucy Group is a complete solution supplier and a vertically integrated company. Thanks to its unique combination of manufacturing expertise and innovative culture, the Soucy Group is renowned for its capacity to understand customer needs and devote its full range of resources to ensure project success. By combining the skills and expertise of all Soucy Group subsidiaries, the organization is able to deliver the value of a one-stop-shop experience for any project.

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Please fill in the form below in order to let us know your specific Logistic Services needs, or contact us at sales.defense@soucy-group.com.